GSF - Cleaning & Support Services
About Us

GSF was started in 1963 and now employs over 22 000 people world-wide.  It is a French-based organisation with companies located in France, Spain, Monaco, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

GSF has been in the UK since 1988, employing more than 1800 people. GSF Sandylight Ltd is located in Southampton, it has offices in Portsmouth, Birmingham, Salisbury, Newhaven and Doncaster. Other GSF in the UK accredited to ISO 9001:2000 is GSF (London) Ltd. with its office in London.

GSF in the UK provides the following cleaning and support services:

-         daily office cleaning;
-         carpet cleaning;
-         floor restoration;
-         kitchen hygiene;
-         computer cleaning;
-         builders cleans;
-         window cleaning;
-         industrial cleaning;
-         washroom services;
-         laundry services;
-         cabin cleaning on ships;
-         confined space cleaning;
-         waste management.